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…and I’m known best for helping actors get out of their heads so they can tell the story (instead of kill it!).

I’ve worked with actors across the country on film and tv sets, at camps, schools and theatre companies ranging from LAByrinth Theater Company’s Master Class to Hulu shows.  I’ve become the go-to set coach for AwesomenessTV / Viacom and have worked on 7 seasons of their shows.  I own and operate Real Actor’s Lab and Acting for Influencers where I regularly teach classes and workshops and coach actors for auditions.  I was fortunate to have trained with many of the best teachers in the industry, including my favorite coach Larry Moss who I first worked with in 2005.  I studied voice and Shakespeare with Royal Shakespeare Company’s Patsy Rodenburg as well as Linklater trained voice coach Adele Cabot.  I am based in Los Angeles and am fortunate to work with actors across the globe.